Catch Up Post #2: Kayden

A few weeks back I talked about “Jennifer”, the world’s number one offender of the “kissy face” or “duck face” pose on Facebook. She had asked the Facebook audience what their recommendations on a camera was. I told her I would bring a couple of mine over, shoot a couple of shots of her baby, Kayden, and we’d discuss. My secret agenda was to get her to put one of my shots up as her Facebook Profile photo. I almost accomplished the agenda, as she used this one as her cover photo instead.

SLT-A99V, 85mm f/1.4 ZA @ f/2.5, ISO 50, 1/1250s

It was a sunny day but windy. And it was a cool wind, which is not a great thing for a three month old. So we got as many shots as we could. I learned more about shooting the little one outside than I had bargained for.

SLT-A99V, 85mm f/1.4 ZA @ f/4, ISO 200, 1/250s, +1EV

I also realized I may be post-processing these shots with a little too much Cyan. I am generally happy with them, though. I also had some issues with the shadows in the park, so I had to improvise on a couple, including this one which I could not get rid of the sun. Next time I’ll bring an umbrella or a sheet of cardboard.

SLT-A99V, 85mm f/1.4 ZA @ f/4, ISO 200, 1/250s, +1EV

And the A77 made it out of the bag for a few shots as well. It was good to have this old friend back.


SLT-A77V, Minolta 200mm f/2.8 HS APO G @ f/4, ISO 50, 1/1250s

Which will lead me nicely into my post regarding the NIK suite, which I cannot wait to attempt to post-process some of Kayden’s shots with. I just haven’t gotten that far yet!

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