Catch Up Post #1: Going Pro

April 16. The day after tax day. I actually looked forward to today as I was planning on setting up an LLC for my impending photography business. In North Carolina if you have established an LLC, you have to file tax paperwork on April 15 and spend a pretty penny for a filing fee. If you wait until April 16, you don’t have to file paperwork until the next April 15. So I am on the clock, as they say. I actually plan on sending the paperwork in today.

Admittedly, I am a little behind where I wanted to be today. I wanted to have a Facebook page and Twitter account ready to go. I haven’t gotten either one together yet. I wanted to have business cards printed and ready to go. I have them about 80% done in Microsoft Publisher. And the portfolio… It is about 50% where I want it to be. I guess I have a few days to allow the LLC paperwork to process.

I still need to make a decision on hosting and on a business model. I have a ton of stuff in my head, how it will translate to words and more importantly, be interpreted by consumers… That is a huge concern to me right now.

We’ll see how all of that goes. Until then I still have a little bit of time before April 15 2014. I also have other paperwork to file. I have to establish an EIN and get a sales tax license. Really I could buy a little time if I need to… But I don’t want to.

I don’t have anything pretty to post here concerning my paperwork. So instead I’ll give you something a little unique. Here is Grace, shot with a mirror lens.

SLT-A77V, Sigma 600mm f/8 Mirror, ISO 250, 1/250s

One comment on “Catch Up Post #1: Going Pro

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