OT: Redecorating my boss’s office

It only took two weeks!

On the 31st of January while I was in Washington State, some work teammates of mine and I raised some money to purchase a number of “effects” to redecorate my boss’s office to celebrate the birth of his first child.


I wrapped his electronic equipment with clear plastic wrap for protection and threw confetti all over the office. Below is the main desk “in progress”.


I also blew up over 200 balloons, 50 of which I equipped with diapers and hung from the ceiling.


The end resulted in his entire floor being covered in confetti and balloons, and his ceiling had streamers and streamer paper and the remaining ribbon.


Hopefully when I visit again (next week) I won’t be a target for revenge.


Though I certainly deserve it.


My biggest regret is not having my 24mm lens for a video. I only had my 85mm lens and my 200mm lens. These were taken mostly with an A900 with exception of the shot with the door opening, which was taken with an A99. 

I’m hoping to post the stuff I promised I would post, but I am having a hard time pulling away.


2 comments on “OT: Redecorating my boss’s office

  1. Roberto Gardella says:

    Hahaha…. Funny!

  2. faz says:

    That is some excellent redecoration. I love the balloons with the nappies

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