The Irony

I shipped my 70-300G lens yesterday, actually re-shipped it as I guess the automated system grossly underestimated the postage and the post office returned the package as postage was due.

Today I had this eagle in my back yard and only 85mm of lens to capture it.


This is 455×417. I didn’t really have time to make any adjustments, so I had SteadyShot off from the color calibrations I was doing and I was at ISO 100 and I wished I was at 400 as I missed a shot of the eagle flying away with its meal, which you can barely see in its left claw. I will say, I am happy to have gotten what I got.

In other news, the DXOMark results for the A99 posted today. I’d have to say, I wonder about the “Sports (low-light ISO)” score and how their testing is performed. Looking at their FAQ, they use a 120mm + lens, I wonder which one they used and their subject matter as the score was only slightly higher than the A900 but in my experience there is a marked improvement in the A99 over the A900. The sensor scored 89, ten full points above the A900, eleven above the A77, and it is their fifth highest score ever, with the Nikon lineup of D800 and D800E, D600 ahead of a Phase One medium format body. It is tied with the Nikon D4 and blows the Canon 1DX and 5D3 out of the water. The Canon bodies were also higher in the “Sports (low-light ISO)” category but suffered in the portrait and dynamic range testing. Interesting. I’d like to see how they get the results they get. Frankly, I like the eye test better myself. DPreview seems to have a good thing going with their comparison widget. All I know is I am happy with the A99.

I’ve got your low light ISO, RIGHT HERE! Shot at 210mm, f/5.6, 1/320s, ISO 3200:


And a little closer:


All it needs is a little luminance. But for being in the 23rd row at the opposite end of the theatre, I am pretty happy with the detail. I probably could have used a little faster shutter speed to stop the fan a little better, but it gets the point across. I can see thread detail from that far away.



2 comments on “The Irony

  1. […] I sold my 70-300 G last week and I was looking at a couple of options for the successor; specifically the Sony or Minolta 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] STF lens or the Minolta 200mm f/2.8 APO lens, ideally the High Speed version. […]

  2. […] did their A99 test and didn’t do so well in the “Sports (High ISO)” test and I was a bit skeptical of the results. I maintained the A99 was about a half to full stop better than the A900 and easily a full stop […]

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