Moron Camera Calibration…

Poor play on words, but that’s how I feel. Like a moron. I have spent the good part of 2 years in Lightroom without knowing I was doing it all wrong. Without knowing there was a better way.

Thanks to Christian (cbsva) who pointed me to A77 and A900 profiles made in the community, which seem to finally represent what I have been trying to get from my shooting this whole time, I now have approximately 60,000 shots to look through and try this on. I probably won’t go that far, but I will definitely go back to those ones where the color just didn’t seem right.

I found 2 sites with profiles I will be looking at. The first one is which has the A77, A900 and many other Sony/Minolta bodies.

Here is an example of one of the profiles on my A77


Even with the miniature representation, you can see a marked difference in greens and oranges.

The second site is: which has a A900 profile.

Here is an example of their vivid A900 profile.


So now you know what I’ll be doing in my free time…

8 comments on “Moron Camera Calibration…

  1. cbsva says:

    Hi, Joe!

    Fine to see that I could help you!
    I would like to guide you to a further possibility…;-)
    Few months ago a friend asked me to make pictures of all paintings his father ever made. His father was one of the most known landscape painters in Austria. We don’t know the correct number, but it must be about 4000. Lots of hard work have to be done EXACTLY!
    Two studio flashes with softbox, flash meter and some other gear…
    After the first test images I realized, that some colors weren’t reproduced correctly, in fact some were very (!!) different – turquoise, red, some blue tones…
    Therefore I calibrated my camera. It’s not that difficult as it sounds. All you need you can find here for instance:
    Calibrating is done in a few minutes and it’s worth doing it. You need to do it once only (or a few times for different situations, 4-5 profiles should be enough). With this equipment you create your own profiles for your cam with your lenses (there may be some small difference between different lenses, too). On Youtube you can find several videos explaining all. Search for “X-Rite colorchecker”.

    I think, you should be able to see my email address from my login, of course you can contact me, if you have further questions!


    • Ahh, see I may have beaten someone to the punch here, or maybe not. I actually bought an older MacBeth ColorChecker yesterday in hopes of creating calibration profiles in mixed white balance settings. It should arrive in the mail within the next week.

      I always felt I was missing something, especially in the green space. I found myself removing yellow to get green, instead of having the green I captured.

      I’ll get started when the card gets here and I’ll let you know if I need any help.

  2. cbsva says:

    Moron Camera Calibration = More on Camera Calibration…;-)

  3. Gene says:

    On a slightly different topic…
    Do you use lens profiles as well? I’ve found lens profiles very useful, especially for the wider lenses such as the 16-50.

    Here’s a link to the User Guide for creating Lens Profiles:

    And a link to the downloader for existing lens profiles:

  4. thank you for posting this. i though i had a good handle on LR4 until i read this. Thanks for the heads UP!

    • I know, right? I have gone back and re-profiled all of my favorites and I am simply at a loss for words. I shoot differently now. I used to compensate using tint or exposure. Come to find out, I was never as far off as I thought.

  5. […] Incidentally, I had edited the shot since posting about it in late October, with the newly-found A77 color profiles. […]

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