Whoa! A99 Camera Calibration in LR 4.2!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are probably a hundred different things about the cameras I shoot with I don’t know about and I’d never get to in a million years unless I find them by accident or someone shows me. A classic example is the 3D Panorama feature on the A77. The same goes for Lightroom.

In reading the Dyxum forums I discovered this little gem. In Lightroom 4.2, support was added for the A99 in the Camera Calibration module of the Develop interface.


Wow! Check out these new settings! I didn’t know to even look here. With the A77, there was only one option: Adobe Standard. Now there are a ton of options. And they actually make a difference!


I haven’t quite figured out if it is a good difference, a bad difference, or something else to try, but it seems to me it could get me closer quicker.

In reading the help file from Adobe, the profiles with “Camera Something” where the Something in the different profile is trying to match the manufacturer’s color profile, rather than allowing Adobe to determine the colors.

This brings up something I’ve long suspected but never really confirmed. Adobe is guessing what the shots are supposed to look like. Now, I think they do a pretty good job, but I’ve always suspected a small difference. I looked in my vast library of shots and I discovered a couple of shots taken with other manufacturers bodies, and they have some of these settings. The A900 shows Adobe Standard and ACR 4.6 which means compatibility with Adobe Camera RAW 4.6. The A100 has ACR 4.4 and 3.5. The Nex-5 has four settings (Landscape, Portrait, Standard, Vivid). The A77 and A390 have Adobe Standard and that’s it. A couple of Canon models I have RAW files for have an additional setting “Camera Faithful”, but don’t seem to have as many options as the A99.

The bad part of all of this is I now feel compelled to try these profiles out on my 6000+ A99 actuations. Maybe the really really good ones… I also think the testing I’ve been doing with the A99/A900/A77 is pointless if Adobe is guessing anyway.


One comment on “Whoa! A99 Camera Calibration in LR 4.2!!

  1. cbsva says:

    Hi, Joe!
    Remember: Confusion is one of our best friends!
    I can add a bit confusion – or just give you the opportunity to learn…;-)
    Have a look on these sites:

    Much more profiles for your cameras you can find here:

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