Back window view

I’m cranking through the A99 vs. A900 vs. A77 ISO test. I hope to have it done by the end of the week. I wanted to share the view from my kitchen window yesterday morning.


Not bad. I wish My kitchen window was a little cleaner from the outside. I went into the yard later in the day and shot this with my 24mm f/2 SSM lens. DSC02560

I clearly need to rake. There is a huge pile already which protrudes slightly into the middle of the left side of the frame. Giant leaf piles occur when you have a lot of very old, very tall trees.

I was running some numbers in Lightroom and I noticed I received and used my A77 the first time exactly one year ago today. Since it’s arrival in November it has travelled from the United States to Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada and the Bahamas and in the United States, it has been to North and South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Washington, and Puerto Rico twice. It will not make it on my next trip, unfortunately, as my A99 will be making it’s air travel debut next week, going to Arizona but it will be a while before the A99 sees the diversity the A77 got to see.


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