A99: 6400 is the new 800!

I’ve gotten to shoot a few hundred shots with my new A99 and I have to say, the High ISO quality exceeds my expectations. On my A77 I used to get nervous above ISO 800 and I would go to 1600 if I really needed the shot. On the A900 my comfort level extended to 3200. On the A99, I am now comfortable using ISO 6400 and I will even go higher.

This was shot with no flash, ISO 12800!

I had a great time shooting at a charity event on Friday. We went to Holy Angels, a home for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities and did everything from making crafts with the folks living there, to painting and landscaping. One of the rooms was dark and had various lights for visual stimulation and I was able to test out ISO 6400. I was pleased with the results.

ISO 6400, and I was slightly overexposed.

I shoot with my A77 pegged on ISO 100 and I only move up if I am at 1/120s or lower wide open on my 85mm f/1.4. I feel comfortable with ISO 400 on my A99. When I am indoor with my A77, I usually put it on ISO 400 and hope for the best. Now I can put it on A99 on ISO 1600, or if I know I don’t need speed, I’ll use ISO 800 and know I’ll get excellent IQ.


This is ISO 1600 at Full Resolution. A little bit of Luminance in Lightroom and we’d be very clean.

I am looking forward to more time with the A99. I am working on the logistics for the A99-A77-A900 testing and I should have that in the next few posts. The sheer amount of data is mind boggling.

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