Halloween yesterday, A99 today.

Halloween is always an adventure for our family. With three kids to dress up, things can get a little tense. This year we completely slacked off, though. I didn’t even dress up, except I wore a superman shirt under my jacket. Last year I dressed up for a Halloween party, but it was the Saturday before. I was in a hospital watching my father pass away last Halloween. He ended up making it to November 1. I really wanted to wear my costume again, but I couldn’t get my crap together.


Leilani took this photo of me last year.

Although Leilani and I didn’t dress up, we actually had more fun and more of a relaxing time.

My wife dressed up as a hot mom.

I was able to get 3-4 decent shots with my A77. Unfortunately the A99 is supposed to arrive today, so I didn’t have it. But I tried a few things, specifically with throwing the flash. I have an old Minolta 3600 HS flash I use. Here is the best of those.


My little girl dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.

I missed more than I usually do, but I learned a lot about the flash. I went without a flash for more than a year, especially when I got the 85mm f/1.4 lens. I then only used it indoors because my kids like to blink and if they don’t, they had Sith eyes if I didn’t throw it at the ceiling. I got decent results last night throwing the flash upward. I had to fix red-eye when I threw the flash outward.


I had to fix my little boy’s eyes post-processing here. 

My oldest son had a rubber mask which he had a hard time with as it was hot and made his glasses foggy. I did manage to get one decent shot of him with the mask on.


I think this may be his last year Trick-or-Treating.

Today is finally the day. Federal Express will deliver my A99. I really don’t know what to do. I have set up a very complex diorama to photograph for my A77-A99-A900 comparison, with crayons, a paintbrush, vivid chess pieces, white balance cards and I may even break out a metronome. I am interested to see if what people are saying is true and if ISO 3200 is as good on the A99 as they say. I am excited about the prospect of it. ISO 3200 is not bad at all on the A900. I get to use it to shoot a charity event tomorrow as well as my son’s soccer game.


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