A99 is shipping today!

I noticed a status change in my A99 preorder, it says it is shipping today! Finally! I won’t have it for Halloween, but I will likely have it for a charity event I am shooting on Friday. I am pretty excited.

I’m also working on a side-project. My tripod has this issue where the part that screws in to the camera comes loose, causing the camera to needlessly rotate when on the tripod. I am basically shaking the screw loose. I looked at mounting brackets online and they are super expensive, so I bought a bunch of random hardware to make one. If it works out, I’ll post details and instructions. If it doesn’t you’ll hear nothing else.

I’ve also been trying to go through my Lightroom catalog and delete bad shots and remove duplicates, as well as update keywords. I’ve learned a few tricks and I plan on writing something up about that as well.


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