Article about Meg

The Valdosta Daily Times had an article about Meg in their paper today and featured on their website.

I followed Meg around during the Charlotte Race For the Cure and took a ton of pictures. DSC05416

Here she is pinning a pink ribbon on her husband, Jeff early in the morning at the registration table.


This was Meg’s sign.


Here is a shot right as the sun was coming up.


And during the walk, Meg wanted to get a photograph with anyone who would stop for her.


And let’s not forget Hope. Very rarely do I ever get a shot perfect by my standards. This one is 99.9% perfect at full size. You can see her dad and my wife with downtown Charlotte in the background in the reflection in her eyes.


Here is a closer look without any post-processing. My focus point was on her left eye. I closed my 85mm f/1.4 up a bit to f/2.5. My only regret is this is ISO 100 and I had light for ISO 50. I shot at my best. I was inspired. A little post processing made this 99.9% perfect shot 100% perfect.

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