My date this weekend…

My daughter is 9 years old and she is more than a handful. I used to take her on “daddy-daughter” dates to the book store or ice cream shop but since she is a handful, and our schedules have been busier, we haven’t gotten out as much as we would want to. Last Saturday we decided to go out and take pictures to “surprise mommy”

I asked my daughter to wear something black and white, so it would contrast well with the fall colors. She opted for the opposite and it worked out better than I ever imagined.

We found a spot near the Catawba river and got this shot, although it doesn’t quite have the fall colors I wanted, it has a super-shallow depth of field.


This is closer to what I was imagining. We actually found a bank that was being built with an empty parking lot and these trees were surrounding the property. I doubt they mind.



We then proceeded to the Greenway, which had more yellows and greens.


And we ended with a hop, skip, and this shot before we went home.


Have a great week!


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