Briefly popular…

I have a photo I posted on, not only did it reach “Upcoming” but it reached “Popular” this morning before it waned a bit. Click on the photo to see it on


My family and I drove through the Appalachians to find scenery to photograph for my grandmother who lives in Arizona. I took my trusty A77, snapped on my Sony Zeiss 24mm f/2 SSM lens and we drove off. My wife was driving when I told her “stop the car” and she stopped right here, in the middle of the road and I came around the back of the car (minivan, actually) and shot this. No other shots I took were as good as the first.

Part of me wishes I had the A900 for this shot, as 24mm would have been ridiculously wide, but this is 36mm taking crop factor into account, so I can’t complain. I was at 1/640 and f/3.5 and I did a little bit of shadow removal post-processing. I need to get better at photographing landscapes, which also means I need to get out more.

One comment on “Briefly popular…

  1. Great picture. I also have an A77 and love it.

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