Great to have my A77 back!

I got my A77 back from Sony and I have to say, I am thrilled with the level of service provided to me by Sony. I was a little worried as the postal service reported to me the A77 was at their shop on Friday and I hadn’t heard from them by Monday, but once I did hear from them, and then when they e-mailed me the next day with tracking information, I was excited. And when the FedEx truck pulled up, I was like a kid in a candy store.

I took my wife’s van in for routine maintenance and for new tires this morning, and I had my youngest son with me. I brought my A77 and A900 with me in case he was being good. The dealer had a couple of kid rooms with some brightly colored toys for the kids to play with, I did some comparison shots with the A77 and A900. They were hand-held and I used auto-white balance on both bodies.





I like the orange off the A77 better, but the blue off of the A900 better. I like the way the blue separates from the yellow on the A900 shots better,

You can definitely see how much wider 85mm is on a full frame sensor than an APS-C sensor. Interesting to note, at f/1.4 the AWB on the A77 got the color temperature at 7400K and tint at +15, and the shot was at 1/1000s. The AWB on the A900 got the color temperature at 5450K and the tint at +15 and the shot was 1/800s. Maybe the A900 shot is underexposed a hair?

I made the white balance adjustment on the A900 f/1.4 shot in Lightroom and added a hair of exposure and got this result.


Now the orange is closer to the A77 shot and I like the red much much better!






At f/2.8 the A77 AWB read the color temperature 7350K at and tint at +10 and the shot was 1/250s . The A900 AWB read the color temperature at 5250K and the tint at +10 and the shot was also 1/250s. They both look a bit underexposed. I also didn’t ensure the light was consistent between shots.

The room was indoor, there was a halogen light above, but the light was drowned out by the incoming sunlight from the left side.

Now I know these comparisons aren’t fair nor are they scientific, but I am really trying to get a feel for the differences between the two bodies for when I do a little more scientific testing. The same size shot on the A900 pixel for pixel has half the pixel density of the A77. A crop of the 6048×4036 A900 shot to be the same size as the APS-C would be 4036×2691. The A77 shot is 6000×4000. Below is an A900 sample with the white box outlining the APS-C sensor size.


More to come…

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